Did you know that 8 out of 10 U.S. businesses fail to get off the ground?

Together, we can change that! As the pros know, every great endeavor starts with a great 30-second elevator pitch. How do you get one without paying a fortune in consulting fees? Easy. Our free pitch studio has already helped thousands of startups, companies and individuals around the world distill complex ideas down to a simple, spot-on explainer that gets to the heart of their story so they can wow their audience in seconds. We know from experience that having an unstoppable elevator pitch is a powerful force for good. Good results, that is! So take command of your message and try Buzzuka — you'll be amazed at how articulate you can feel when you pitch yourself with the power of Buzzuka.

That's our pitch. What's yours?

How Buzzuka works

Brain scientists tell us that short-term memory retains only about seven items at a time. Why do you think we need grocery lists? They also tell us that first impressions begin to form in less than seven seconds! Clearly time is not on our side when opportunity knocks at an important investor meeting or job interview. Until now. Buzzuka® helps you seize the moment in no time. Our patent-pending pitch studio puts brain science to work for you, isolating the separate powers of your analytical left brain and creative right brain into the seven key ingredients every pitch needs to be truly memorable. Then Buzzuka automatically shuffles your one-of-a-kind ingredients into one amazing whole-brain result we call the perfect pitch. Join Buzzuka today, create your perfect pitch and rock your world in 30 seconds!

Left Brain

First, put your LOGICAL left brain to work on five facts everyone needs to know.

Right Brain

Next, put your EXPRESSIVE right brain to work on two feelings everyone wants to know.

Whole Brain

Then, put your WHOLE brain to work to polish your message and make it pitch perfect.

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Buzzuka aims to help people, companies and groups create and share their powerful 30-second pitch in just minutes.